UVDB RegistrationThe Utilities Vendor DataBase (UVDB)

If you’re serious about getting business in the Utilities Sector, your brand needs to be seen by the right people. To tender for professional contracts from big names such as the National Grid or British energy, UVDB registration is essential. That’s where we can help. With Achilles UVDB registration, you’ll get the industry-wide visibility you’re looking for, and you’ll be there alongside the other major suppliers, ready to bid for new business opportunities.

We can help youCome to the experts in UVDB registration

Registration can be complex, but with our Subscription Management Service, you can relax. We’ve done this many times before, and we know exactly what’s needed to get you registered and meeting the requirements year after year. How can we help? It depends what you’re looking for. We could just look over your application and give you our advice. No problem. Or, if you prefer, we can setup an ongoing yearly arrangement where we source the essential information, deal with all the paperwork, and submit your questionnaire for you. Simple.

Want to know more? We’re waiting to chat with you about UVDB registration and to answer any questions you have. Get in contact with us today.

How UVDB worksLet’s take a closer look at UVDB registration

You have two options for registration with the Utilities Vendor DataBase.

  • UVDB Basic
  • UVDB Verify

The first level is UVDB Basic. This means your company is registered, complete with a few business details and your key areas of expertise. You’ll be listed along with all the other professionals in the industry, and you’ll have access to view open tenders, and respond to opportunities to bid for contracts.

The second level of registration is UVDB Verify. This enhanced level allows you, in addition to basic registration, to provide online proof of your Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental certification. This speeds up the pre-qualifying process when you’re responding to Safety Critical tenders.

The Verify level of registration sets you up to meet many of the requirements for attaining ISO9001, ISO14001 or OHSAS18001 certification. If those apply to you, it’s worth considering.

When you’re deciding whether to go for Basic or Verify UVDB registration, you should ask yourself things like, what risk levels apply to your business, which certification codes are relevant to your company, and the degree of information you’d like showcased in the official database.

Achilles UVDB Membership Benefits Here’s how you get an even better deal when you register through Achilles UVDB membership

  • You’ll be seen as an industry professional by 80 key organisations and around 3000 buyers in the sector
  • You’ll only have one online questionnaire to complete. We do the heavy lifting, saving you time, money and valuable head-space that you can plough back into your business instead
  • You’ll have a smoother way to deal with new and existing business because they’ll already have seen your credential online, so they’ll know they can trust you. That makes for fairer selection and all-round peace of mind
  • You’ll be displaying your accredited online presence round the clock, alongside the other major players, ready to be found by anyone searching for your kind of business. That’s vital marketing that takes no extra effort
  • Your registration and details will be safe and secure
  • You’ll be right there, building business networks and trusted relationships in a centralised and transparent environment where you can share your knowledge and expertise, and pick up on new business leads. That’s a great way of raising standards in the Industry and ensuring quality service and professionalism applies across the board

Let us look after your UVDB MembershipFind out how we can best help your business with its UVDB Membership

Want to know more? We’re waiting to chat with you about UVDB registration and to answer any questions you have. Get in contact with us today.

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