RISQS Approved SupplierWould you like to work on the UK Railways? We can help you understand the requirements.

RISQS stands for “Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme”. RISQS is the supplier assurance programme of the Railway Safety and Standards Board (RSSB).
You may come across the term “Enhanced RISQS”, which is being used to differentiate from the existing service which was provided by Achilles. For more information around RISQS, please visit www.risqs.org  
What are the RSSB?
RSSB is a railway industry membership body that provides support to the railway industry on safety. They also assist with writing a comprehensive set of standards which will be applied on all mainline railways, such as Network Rail, London Underground, Crossrail, HS1&HS2 to name a few.
For more information on RSSB, please click on the link www.rssb.co.uk

We can help you appreciate these requirements and our Rail Compliance Experts can assist you with the whole process. We can offer our clients support with the registration process, producing and instigating management systems that comply with the requirements of the scheme, carrying out a gap analysis of current systems, undertake pre-audits in preparation for a RISQS scheme audit, on site representation during audits attending and supporting companies through the RISQS audit process.

We offer clients Rail industry specific support and adviceOur Rail Compliance Specialists have in-depth knowledge to help you

Who Provides the RISQS Scheme?
RSSB is the owner of the scheme and from 1st May 2018  the contract has been split and awarded to two new suppliers: Altius is the scheme database provider and Capita, the scheme audit provider, but the partnership between RSSB, Altius and Capita is integrated and seamless. This is part of the periodic service re-tender and scheme quality improvement programme.
Will I have to pay my annual fees again?
No –  As the invoices are issued four months before payment is due, therefore the last invoice issued by Achilles would have been on 31st December 2017. RSSB will publish all invoices after 1st January 2018, so the fee will not be asked for again.
Will I have to re-type all my data back into the database?
No – Achilles have provided a downloadable PDF report that can be imported straight into the Altius Enhanced RISQS Portal. Altius will quality check this data in the first months of 2018 to ensure a successful launch on the 1st May 2018. Logins to the Enhanced RISQS Portal have been issued at the start of November 2017.
The Railway Commodity Classification List (RICCL – pronounced “rickle”) replaces the existing Achilles Product List. This will be mapped across in the background of the database so re-selection will not be needed. The RICCL can be seen at www.risqs.org/commodity-list.

Force Consultancy Services Ltd offers a comprehensive service to clients by allowing one of our consultants to visit your offices and assess your existing management systems and produce a full gap analysis, or alternatively produce a full tailored management system. We will develop your management system writing your procedures, policies and associated documentation to ensure a fully compliant and easy to maintain management system.

This can stand alone or be integrated with the requirements of ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and or OHSAS 45001 (Safety Management System) if required.

benefits of RISQS ApprovalRISQS approval gives you

  • a place on the list of approved suppliers, your details will be visible by thousands of buyers in the rail sector
  • an equal opportunity through a fair, open and transparent qualification process
  • access to an online service where you can view your own evaluation and score, see your Questionnaire and product code status as well as receive Industry news and updates
  • the ability to update your capabilities and profile as often as you like during your subscription

our rail compliance experts can assist youWe will ensure your company gains RISQS Qualified Supplier status

Our Rail Compliance Specialists have vast experience in developing fully compliant integrated management systems for many clients.

We have full experience of the RISQS process, from initial application through to producing and implementing rail specific policies and procedures that will deliver you a system that not only satisfies but exceeds the RISQS audit module requirements.

We welcome enquiries from all companies and would be delighted to arrange a free consultation in-order to discuss your specific requirements.

Our services are tailored to meet individual company requirements and you take the stress out of the process by buying in a professional service that will ensure your company gains RISQS Qualified Supplier status.

As part of this process we also offer representation and support at your external certification audits.

Need RISQS Approval?

Whichever level of RISQS qualification you require, our Rail Compliance Specialists can help you. Contact us to speak with one of our Rail Compliance Specialists who are on standby to help you or simply submit a business enquiry online.

National Geographic Traveller (UK) worked with Paul and the Force Consultancy team to put together a detailed H&S assessment for our 2017 Festival. Paul did a fantastic job for us creating a processional pack of documents that the venue was more than satisfied with and making our event much easier for us to manage.

Matthew Jackson
, APL Media

would you like to work on the UK Railways? Our Rail Compliance Experts can assist you