Get the Benefits of Quality Management

Quality management systems need to deliver real business benefits, and not provide a convincing cover story. And that’s what we’re about. Finding out where the real improvements can be made to enhance your business productivity and keep you compliant with legal requirements.

When you’re in business, your employees as well as your clients need to know you’ve really thought about them. Hitting the legal requirements is fundamental, but it’s just one step. There are many other ways that professional management systems can help upgrade your efficiency and take your profitability up a gear. For example:

  • give your staff good reason to feel great about working for you
  • make your systems even more efficient, leading to more productive working procedures
  • improve your cost-efficiency by reducing or avoiding mistakes and mishaps
  • increase your good reviews as clients gain confidence and satisfaction in your business
  • enhance the reputation of your organisation through higher quality standards and professionalism

We’re Here to Guide You

Quality management touches on complex areas and infrastructure of your business. We know what’s at stake, and we’re experienced in handling those challenges so you get the benefits.

Whatever your organisation, we have expertise and knowledge to handle management systems in the whole range of industry sectors.

We’ll create a bespoke approach for your specific organisation, and offer professional advice wherever it’s needed. This includes specialised systems requirements in areas such as:

  • ISO/TS16949 (automobile)
  • ISO/AS/EN 9100 (aerospace)

What We DeliverGet us on board to tackle your quality management, and we’ll be with you all the way

  • tailoring a quality management system that works for you
  • helping you implement that improved system in all areas
  • smooth handling of the transition from old management systems to the updated ones
  • assessment of any gap between your present system and the standards required internationally
  • identifying the aims and objectives you need to be targeting to reach professional standards
  • accurately mapping the process of activities in your business to tune efficiency and logistics
  • auditing key areas of your business prior to formal assessment so you know you’re up to scratch
  • measuring the positivity of customer reviews that show the world your business is a good one

Quality Management Servicesincluding strategies, implementing management processes and preparation for future development

Whatever size of business you are, and in whatever trade or service, you can benefit from an integrated management system. It’s a professional approach to cost reduction and smooth day to day running of all the operations and activities in your organisation.

This joined up approach is generally more effective and beneficial than reviewing isolated areas of business in individual audits.

With us, you have two choices for auditing. Either we can take your existing systems and combine the auditing. This process is quicker and a cost-friendly option if that’s your priority. Alternatively, we can integrate your activities, processes, documents, policies and procedures in a single comprehensive audit that will demonstrate where costs can be reduced and business resources saved.

Popular combinations of management system audits include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, but if necessary we can discuss other combinations too, to suit your organisation. Integration, or combined auditing of management systems in this way can be beneficial in a few ways. It can cost you less in applications for certification, it can make the audit less of an imposition, allowing business to continue running undisturbed, and it can cut down on the paperwork involved. These are all good reasons that make solid business sense.

Gap analysis is where any effective Health and Safety management needs to start. It’s how we find out how far your existing system meets the criteria for the OHSAS 18001 certification, and what more (if anything) needs to be done. We’ll use gap analysis to find out where your business stands, and to indicate where you need our help to ensure you meet the official standards required.

With the input of Health and Safety services director, we’ll not only do a gap analysis, we’ll also draft a set of professional recommendations to help you improve your systems and hit the targets for certification.

Our services include:

  • getting you on track with the current legislation for OH&S registration
  • explaining exactly what the relevant legal requirements are for your organisation
  • carrying out an assessment to check your compliance with the legal and regulatory bodies

These days, every business depends on acquiring information, and that means serious consideration needs to be given to the security of that valuable information. We can advise you on securing your business information from a wide range of risks. The benefits of our information security service include the following:

  • ensuring your business can continue running smoothly
  • checking any potential risks to profitability and business operations are reduced as far as possible
  • giving you the best chance to make the most of any business investments and potential expansion

We can design and help implement a Information Security Management System (ISMS) that fits with the industry standards ISO 27001 and ISO27002, which relate to the management of information security.

You’ll need the right documents to comply with this guidance and we’ll help you create them. What’s more, we’ll be there to take your business by the hand, right from the initial assessment of your existing risks and policies, though to the preparation of your Statement of Applicability (SoA).

how can we help you?

Our professional consultancy solutions are designed to help clients comply with health and safety legislation. Contact us to speak with one of our senior consultants who are on standby to help you or simply submit a business enquiry online.

National Geographic Traveller (UK) worked with Paul and the Force Consultancy team to put together a detailed H&S assessment for our 2017 Festival. Paul did a fantastic job for us creating a processional pack of documents that the venue was more than satisfied with and making our event much easier for us to manage.

Matthew Jackson
, APL Media

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