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We are a Health and Safety services provider that is interested in understanding exactly how your business works
When you’re looking for a health and safety consultancy and advice that lines up with current legislation, you need the full range of services from a company you can trust. Force Consultancy Services offer organisations like yours an experienced and reliable approach that includes key areas, such as risk assessment and auditing, as well as manual writing and policy wording. We’re on hand whenever your organisation needs health and safety expertise.

Looking for a General Risk Assessment, together with a robust Health and Safety policy, comprehensive Staff Handbook and tailored Action Plan? Make use of our Force Consultancy Services managing agent Health and Safety Support service. It’s an all-round management system that ensures you comply with legislation.

With legal obligations to fulfil, there’s not just peace of mind at stake in having an experienced professional on hand. The Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1999 make it a requirement for organisations to have an official representative – a ‘Competent Person.’ We can fulfil that role for you.

Health and Safety Support Service - Competent Person - Managing AgentBy acting as your Competent Person, we’ll stand in as a key part of your team

You’re probably aware that Health and Safety in your company needs to extend to anyone who might be affected by any of its activities. Our managing agents, Health and Safety support service will handle this for you. It’s a legal requirement, and what’s more, it will underpin a wider risk management approach that Force Consultancy can apply to support your business.

We’ll get things moving in the right direction straightaway.

Because of our wide experience and understanding in diverse fields, we know exactly where to start when it comes to most organisations, and we’ll use that information to inform and investigate effective next steps for your business.

Subscribe to our managing agent Health and Safety Consultancy service, and your very own designated consultant will be ready and waiting to advise on adding value to your business., we will provide face fit testing as part of the service at no extra charge!

At Force Consultancy, we won’t just deal with you at arms length or treat you like everybody else. We are a Health and Safety Consultancy that is interested in understanding exactly how your business works, and precisely where your standards need to be raised.

Health & Safety ServicesWe’ve got extensive experience of a wide range of organisations

The law requires you to take seriously the Health & Safety of everyone connected with your business and its related activities. But it’s not just a legal thing. It’s the only way to do business properly.

We know you’ll probably already have thought of the basics, but because we’ve got extensive experience of a wide range of organisations, we know exactly how you’ll need to comply with the law, and what is best practice in your industry. With our health and safety consultancy services alongside, you can feel confident that you’ve thought of everything; safety, efficiency, and making great business sense.

Getting Health and Safety right in the workplace requires the right management system. But it can be challenging to put this in place yourself without a framework. The OHSAS 18001 or ISO45001 management system has some strong advantages for your business.

Here are some reasons why OHSAS 18001 – ISO45001 could make sense for you:

  • reducing the risk of staff receiving a personal injury while at work
  • cultivating a more organised approach to complying Health and Safety law
  • causing less interruptions, leading to a more productive business day
  • making your business a better proposition for investors and insurers
  • enhanceing the profile of your organisation

Step by step, we’ll be there to assist you with putting updated management systems into action.

  • We’ll analyse any shortcomings in your existing Health and Safety management
  • We’ll draft and produce professional Health and Safety policies tailored especially for your business, as well as outlining improved procedures and writing other important documents for you.
  • We’ll work with you to decide on the aims and objects of your Health and Safety Management approach
  • Where Irish or EU legislation applies to you, we’ll be able to explain the small print and guide you to meeting all the necessary requirements
  • We’ll do risk assessments throughout your business to check you’re fully protected and aware
  • We can help implementation of programmes with your employees by setting up our own health and safety awareness training for you if necessary
  • We can do audits before any formal assessment is carried out, to check you’re on track
  • We’ll help you maintain compliance going forward

The OHSAS 18001 -ISO45001 certification is a system for managing Health and Safety that ensures you’re doing everything you can to promote health and safety at work, with action plans and policies in force that enable professional standard risk management that really cares about people.

Why implement OHSAS18001 – ISO45001?

  • it makes financial sense by cutting the risk of costly incidents
  • it complies with the essential legal requirements, which also means peace of mind for your workers
  • it takes the hassle out of promoting health and safety awareness
  • it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with the ISO 9001-14001 system that’s already in place

You can minimise the chances of accidents, but you can’t eliminate risk completely. With current legislation requiring certain incidents to be reported and investigated, it can feel confusing. But here’s where we can help.

We know what it’s like to go to court and even deal with prosecutions. That means if the worst should happen, you’re not alone. We’re with you all the way and we know what we’re doing.

It can be a tricky business to apply for large scale contracts, whether in local authority or the commercial sector.

And when you want to grow your organisation, finding buyers and looking for contracts can take valuable hours away from your day job.

With Achilles, you’ll have access to the buyers who need safe and reliable suppliers like you, who comply with the necessary standards and policies that apply in your industry.

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We’ll make it our business to keep yours compliant and working according to best practice. It’s not just a legal thing, although of course that’s the starting place.

With us on board, you’ll be able to ensure you’re considering the safety of your employees, and with our inspection, auditing and health and safety testing services, you’ll know exactly where you’re fully safe and compliant, and where there’s room for improvement.

Health & Safety Audit

With existing health and safety systems in place, you may not need to replace them. Would you like us to check? We can appoint a qualified Health and Safety consultant to audit your policies, procedures and documents. That could be a starting point for deciding whether your business would benefit from ongoing input from our managing agent Support service.

Fire Risk Assessment

Just about every business needs a Fire Risk Assessment, by law. It highlights the potential risks relating to your organisation, and ensures that the right procedures are in place to keep people safe in the event of an incident.

Our services include
        • compliance auditing
        • general risk assessment
        • assessment of hazardous substance risks (COSHH)
        • risk assessment relating to Legionella
        • On Site Face Fit Testing

Audits, Inspections and Testing are just a few of the complete package of health and safety services we offer.

If you’re looking for strong visibility in the Utilities Sector, consider Achilles UVDB registration. You will need the appropriate registration here if you’re looking to do business with the really big names in energy, nationally. We’ll assist you in meeting all the conditions for database registration.

We can help

Concerned about the paperwork and requirements of UVDB registration? Don’t be. We have many clients who have been successful in their applications to register and stay compliant for this database.

We do Subscription Management, which means you’ll get our support through the whole process – right from looking over the initial application process, to collating the yearly evidence, and then putting it all together. We’ll even submit the application for you.

Supplier management community for the GB transport industry.

Developing your system

To operate legally, a UK Rail Compliance System is essential. We can walk you through this, explaining things in full as we go, and even being present during any external auditing. That means your working procedures, policies, documents are covered. We’ll write them and ensure you comply.

Maintaining compliance

You’ll probably want support to maintain your UK Rail Compliance system, and we can help with this on an ongoing basis.

Railway Interface Planning Scheme (RIPS)

The RISQS audit protocol applies to Principal contractors, and contractors aiming to gain Railway Contractors Certification. We’ll make certain your business meets the required standards.

Either we can start from scratch and carry out a risk assessment of your business procedures and operations throughout your organisation, or we can simply review your existing paperwork or electronic documents at a distance.

When we’ve discovered what activities are involved in your business and defined the likely risks involved in each aspect of your working procedures, we’ll help you come up with ways to control and reduce risk in every area. You’ll see the benefits in cost-efficiency, improved productivity and staff welfare.

Auditing is essential as a first step towards formal certification. Audits are also essential to check that your business remains compliant with legal Health and Safety requirements in between assessments.

An audit will give you the stark and honest information you really need to deal with the pressing issues that cannot be ignored, legally and professionally. These are issues that will be picked up in assessment, so it’s worth finding out about them in advance.

If your organisation isn’t in a position to carry out its own auditing, we can step in and help. Whether you lack the resources to audit your own business, or the expertise required, we’re here to assist, by checking you meet the Health and Safety criteria relating to OHSAS 18001.

In terms of the documents, we’ll be able to help you with

        • writing your OH&S policy
        • attaining professional standards of risk assessment reporting
        • producing any required H&S manual, or procedures manual
        • preparing the required safety statement for your records.

Our risk management consultancy focuses on delivering first-class advice to multinational corporate clients, financial institutions, and public entities. We offer a range of consultancy services, one of them is Pre-acquisition surveys that are vital for identifying opportunities and managing investment risks.

Force Consultancy Services,  tailors the pre-acquisition service to the purchase of the business. Identification of Health, Safety & environmental legal compliance risks and opportunities, is key to the approach together with a SMART action plan to mitigate the exposure.

Successful Risk and Opportunity due diligence is about ensuring that the purchasing business has the right controls in place to provide sufficient mitigation from risks, without stifling the opportunities for development.

Let us look after your Health & Safety obligationsFind out how we can best help your business with its Health and Safety

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can best help your business with its Health and Safety, ensure you comply with the latest regulations throughout your whole organisation, and tune up your efficiency and procedures.

how can we help you?

Our professional health and safety consultancy services are designed to help clients comply with health and safety legislation. Contact us to speak with one of our senior health & safety experts who are on standby to help you or simply submit an online business enquiry.

National Geographic Traveller (UK) worked with Paul and the Force Consultancy team to put together a detailed H&S assessment for our 2017 Festival. Paul did a fantastic job for us creating a processional pack of documents that the venue was more than satisfied with and making our event much easier for us to manage.

Matthew Jackson
, APL Media

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