Environmental ManagementWe will tailor our role to suit your business needs, getting you exactly where you need to be, and fast.

Businesses like yours with a vested interest in managing their environmental impact, have a lot to consider. So what’s your priority? Whether you’re looking to gain official certification, to review your overall environmental strategy, or whether you need specific advice in just one area, Force Consultancy Services is ready to step in. We will tailor our role to suit your business needs, getting you exactly where you need to be, and fast.

Force Consultancy Services is widely experienced in the specialist areas related to environmental management in businesses and organisations. With our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the impacts and concerns of interested parties and of the legal requirements, we’ll work with you to find the very best way forward.

Quality advice begins with a full understanding of what we’re dealing with. Accurate and efficient gathering of relevant information is crucial. But you need to ensure that your findings are verifiable and well-researched, and that can be a complex matter.

Here’s where we come in. We assesses the reality of your business activities from an environmental perspective and with comprehensive risk assessments, we develop the right environmental management approaches for each business. We ensure our risk assessment and advice is verifiable and handled professionally.

Simplifying the process We can help you simplify the process of environmental management

  • reviewing your current strategies for environmental management
  • looking at your existing policies and advice on any potential improvements
  • getting you through the ISO14001 application process – our consultants are specialised and experienced in addressing the necessary steps and potential pitfalls
  • assessing your business and the likely environmental impact across the board
  • considering how efficiently your business handles waste
  • investigating any potential noise issues arising from your business activities

Business planning & strategy

With Force Consultancy Services, we’re committed to the approach. Not simply managing the appearance of great environmental management for your business, but getting to grips with the facts, and managing actual environmental impact in the very best way possible. We believe that is the only way for businesses to act professionally and responsibly.

how can we help you?

Our professional consultancy solutions are designed to help clients comply with health and safety legislation. Contact us to speak with one of our senior consultants who are on standby to help you or simply submit a business enquiry online.

National Geographic Traveller (UK) worked with Paul and the Force Consultancy team to put together a detailed H&S assessment for our 2017 Festival. Paul did a fantastic job for us creating a processional pack of documents that the venue was more than satisfied with and making our event much easier for us to manage.

Matthew Jackson
, APL Media

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